General Information

If you have any questions not answered on this site please do not hesitate to contact the school. We are a rural school with students from New Entrant to Year 8. As our mission statement states, our staff, Board of Trustees, and school community are committed to providing a quality learning environment in a rural setting.

A fortnightly newsletter is sent home every second Friday. This will keep you in close contact with the day to day events of the school.

School Hours

Starting Time .........9.00 am
Morning Tea ..........11.00-11.20 am
Lunch ......................12.30-1.20 pm
School Finishes .......2.50 pm


We ask parents to phone the school office before 9.00 am if your child is to be absent. Students who are not using the bus please inform the bus driver in the morning and let the school know for the afternoon runs.


We expect an acceptable standard of behaviour from all students. We encourage students to behave responsibly and appropriately both in and out of school. All students are expected to respect the rights of other students to learn and play safely and have their property cared for. The school operates a behaviour management system.

Collecting Children From School

Please contact the school if someone other than a parent is collecting your child during or after school hours. Please pick up your children from the main car park rather than the Bluecliffs Rd entrance. Children will wait at the office area for collection and children are asked not to walk through the carpark without adult supervision.

Dental Clinic

A mobile dental clinic visits the school once a year. All pupils are checked and, if treatment is required an appointment is made for the town clinic. If your child requires treatment outside of the mobile clininc you can contact the Timaru South Canterbury Dental clinic directly for an appointment. 0800 846 983. Level 1, 18 Woollcombe Street Timaru.


The Public Health Nurse visits the school regularly. Our nurse Kate Balfour will undertake a health check of all new entrant five year olds; parents are informed and may attend. Parents are urged to contact the school immediately they are aware of a health problem with their child. Parents can contact the Public Health Nurse Kate Balfour 03-687-2323 for advice and appointments or at 18 Woollcombe St, Timaru.


Each class has homework requirements. These will be set out by the class teacher at the start of the year. Problems should be discussed with the teacher. Please support your children with their homework.

Illness At School

Students who become ill at school will be cared for in the school sick bay. You will be advised by phone if your child needs to be taken home or requires further attention. We ask all parents for emergency contact numbers. Minor injuries will be treated at school. Teaching staff and support staff hold First Aid qualifications. Medications brought to school must be given to the teacher with a note.


The school library is a learning centre for all pupils. It is available for use during school time and lunch hours. The library is used for recreational reading and as an information resource centre. Book and multi-media resources are available. All classes will have regular library times for the borrowing of books.


Lunchtime is 12.30 pm. Students are supervised by the duty teacher in the lunch area and are dismissed to play at 12.40 pm.  A pie warmer is available for students to heat food brought from home. Food is to be wrapped in tin foil and clearly named. The food is collected from classrooms before interval and distributed at lunchtime. We encourage healthy eating.

Parent Help

Regular parent help is required in the junior class and on occasion in the middle and senior rooms. Assistance with school trips and activities is also required during the term. The school newsletter will keep you informed of opportunities to be involved or contact the school if you are interested in helping.

Reporting on Student Progress

Progress and Achievement Reports are published online and updated mid-year and at the end of the year. Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice yearly; mid-Term 1 and early in Term 3. Parents are welcome and encouraged to make appointments with teachers at any time.

Safety To and From School

High visibility vests are supplied by the school. All pupils are required to wear them for buses, cycling and walking, to and from school and on school trips. Children who walk or cycle to and from school will be given reminders about correct road rules. The staff ask that parents play their part in ensuring their children come to and go from the school safely. Cyclists are required by law to wear safety helmets. Bikes are to be parked tidily in the stands provided. Bus children need to be reminded to walk to the rear of the bus after disembarking and wait for the bus to move off before leaving the roadside. 

Sun Safe

St Andrews School is recognised by the Cancer Society as a SunSmart School. In Term 1 and 4 children are required to wear school uniform sun hats. Those children without hats will be directed to play in the shade. Sun safety is an important part of the school's health education programme.


All rooms have timetabled swimming lessons in Term 1 and Term 4. Pupils are required to bring their swimwear and a towel each day during the swimming programme. If your child is not swimming because of illness please provide a note. 

Swimming Pool

The pool is available for family use outside school hours. Keys can be obtained from the school office. The cost for a key is $50.00 each swimming season (non-refundable). The swimming pool hours are:
  • Tuesday - Sunday 10.30 am - 7.30 pm
  • Open from Dec to approximately Easter, weather dependant
  • Closed Mondays for maintenance 
  • Closed Christmas day
Note: These times and dates are subject to change at any time.

Technology (Years 7 & 8)

Year 7 and 8 students attend the Timaru Technology Education Centre on Thursday afternoons.